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we are in the presence of a work that dares to innovate, the first mexican web series
Official Selection Monterrey Internation Film Festival 2011
Official Selection Marseille Web Fest 2012 Official Selection Morbido Film Fest 2012 Official Selection Your Film Festival 2012



El Porvenir is a town where a series of violent events and disappearances have broken the peace of it's inhabitants.
A group of cops and detectives try to solve the origin of these cases, only to discover that there is a bigger and unexplainable mystery stalking the nights of the town.


The violent events that occurred in the town of El Porvenir, involving the death and disappearance of some of it's inhabitants, remain unresolved. The capture of a murderer and suspect appears to lead the authorities to a dead end.

At the same time an American genetic engineering company, known as Bowen Biotech, hires a group of mercenaries to go to this town. Their only mission is to capture what appears to be the only evidence of success for a failed experiment called K.I.M.E.R.A. An experiment that was developed in a clandestine manner inside a subterranean laboratory in the year 2000, and which could very well be the origin to the great mystery that stalks the nights of the town.

A mystery that will be resolved this season.

Official Selection International film festival of Ginebra 2013
Official Selection La Web Series Festival 2012 Official Selection Campi Flegrei Web Series Festival 2013 Official Selection Vancouver Web fest 2014
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